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About Second World

Second World Entertainment was created to share the passions of our team of artists. We want to make films, as any production company does, but we create more than that; from music to photography, graphic design, and much more. If a project is within our budget, it's too easy. Sure, we could make films featuring two people talking in a room for precisely ninety minutes and call it a feature, or short films with one character, no dialogue, and a social issue behind the plot. But where's the fun in that? We want action! Lasers and explosions and spaceships! We don’t care if our budget is .0001% of what Hollywood uses! Our films are focused on doing the most possible with the least possible. We start with the story and we work to make sure the film's quality matches. You can see heroes and villains and drama and ghosts anywhere.

We promise you, you’ve never seen it done quite like this.

Meet the Crew

Benjamin Kapit

Benji is a writer, director, producer, actor, composer, cinematographer, colorist, and visual effects artist. He is the co-creator of One Door Over, First Act, and Fault, as well as the writer and director of the Second World Cinematic Universe. Benji is one of the two founding members of the company and has been running it since 2015.

Sky Elinsky

Sky is a performer, actor, writer (sort of), director, manager, stage-manager, tech designer, and producer. She is the Director of Staff, as well as the newest member of the Second World family. She runs the upcoming newsletter PutMeOn, as well assisting in marketing, social Profile Pictures content, and the day-to-day operations of the company. Sky describes her job as “endlessly antagonizing Benji to get his work done.”

Jack Roman

“Jack Roman is a director, cinematographer and editor. He is known for directing Pretty Much Legal and Telebear, cinematography for the later SWCU and The Sunrise House, and making that one CGI spaceship.”

David Wright

David is a part of the marketing team and helps on the business side of things. He also makes music and writes a lot in his own time.

Ethan Mattheus

Ethan is a writer, director and avid film watcher. He primarily dabbles in genre filmmaking and is working as the Deputy Director of Content, creating skits and short form content.

Michael Madrigal

Michael enjoys everything about filmmaking. Writing films, editing films, and especially watching films. He's the Director of Content for Second World and he's pretty excited to get to direct some content.

Seth Don

Seth Don is one of the co-founders of Second World.

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